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Cast Award Success at the Malling School

The final session with students from the Malling School took place on Monday.

A fabulous group; all have developed their fishing knowledge and skills considerably, achieving their Level 1 Cast Award – and were presented with certificates at the end of their final session.

Huge thanks to Fishing for Schools coaches, Bob, David and Warren. Highlights from the session include a fabulous drawing by pupil Jenson Friend below.

Some wonderful comments from pupils and teaching staff of their experience of Fishing for Schools include:


“The team have taught me how to use the disgorger and how to hold a fish properly. When I caught a 15lb carp on my own, Warren helped me by telling me to play it out and when to reel it in. He also showed me how to put it back in the water and how to hold the net.”
“I knew nothing about fishing when I started and they have taught me everything about fishing. I learned how to cast a line out, use a disgorger and how to handle fish. They are funny and really help you out.”

School staff

“I have been so impressed by the knowledge of the coaches and the calm and patient way they have taught the boys. They have been encouraging them to learn new skills each week and the boys have really enjoyed the experience. It has been wonderful to see them grow in confidence. Thank you all so much"
“Bob, Warren and Dave have been an absolute pleasure to spend time with over the Fishing for Schools programme. They’ve been brilliant encouraging the boys to take on their fears and grow in confidence catching and handling fish. They must be great teachers as they were able to coach me into catching a carp! I think all the boys have begun to catch the fishing bug which is great to see."


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