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CAST award success

Fishing for Schools Coach Warren White writes:

Throughout lockdown I have been working with three lads who were keen to progress with the Angling trust, Cast Skills awards. These are lads who have been through the Fishing for Schools course and progressed onto the BTEC Fishery course. They have now left school and are at their various colleges.

Luckily we had already done the Level 1 Cast Award on the bank as this is the practical, Cast Award. However, at these current times, the next three levels have had to be done virtually via FaceTime. The lad in the picture, Sam Weedon, has now progressed to Cast Level Four which is a really good achievement for the lad. This is the highest Cast Award I have ever been involved in.

To be honest it has just been nice to keep in touch with these lads in recent times, and for them to be doing something they enjoy. This is what it is all about.

Fishing for Schools Founder and Director Charles Jardine said: "The commitment demonstrated by Warren’s students shows what can be achieved with an introduction to angling and education through Fishing for Schools. That Sam and his colleagues have not only achieved what they have, in attaining the CAST award success, but then going on to further education demonstrates both tenacity and commitment and willingness to learn.

"So often, young people are painted in less than favourable light. Warren and all the coaches, in all the regions will tell you an entirely different story. A story which displays and proves that English and Welsh students can succeed, can push away barriers, and do learn.Every single one of these young people are worth our best effort to help them into their collective future - no matter where that future might take them."

Just remember: Everyone Learns Differently.

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