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Can Fishing for Schools count on your vote with Tesco Stronger Starts?

Fishing for Schools recently applied to ‘Tesco Stronger Starts’ scheme and we are delighted to be put to public vote at a number of Teso stores over the Autumn. Please keep an eye out for us at Tesco stores in Shepton Mallet, Portsmouth and Pontypool!

Tesco Stronger Starts supports local community groups and good causes across the UK, with priority given to projects providing food and support to young people.

Successful projects are put to customer votes in store. Funding is then allocated after the voting period has ended, based on the number of votes received.

This means that from early October, Fishing for Schools will be one of three charities being put to customer votes at Tesco stores in Shepton Mallet, Portsmouth and Pontypool. Voting will commence from the first week of October 2023 until mid-January 2024.

If you are visiting a Tesco store in these three areas during the voting period, please do look out for Fishing for Schools. If you would consider choosing us when casting your vote, we would be hugely grateful!

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