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Calling all Tesco shoppers in Dartford and Gravesend – Fishing for Schools needs your support!

Fishing for Schools is in the running for a grant of up to £1,500 from the Tesco Stronger Starts scheme, raising vital funds to support our work with young people in Gravesend.

You will be able to cast your vote at Tesco Express and Metro stores in Dartford and Gravesend from Monday 1 April until Sunday 30 June and help us introduce more young people to the joys of fishing and the great outdoors.


You can vote for Fishing for schools at the following Express and Metro stores:

Dartford Est Hill Express                       DA1 1RZ

Dartford Express                                    DA1 3EN

Temple Belle Dart Express                    DA1 5LD

Gravesend Metro                                   DA11 0AF

Gravesend Perry St Express                 DA11 8QU

Gravesend River View Express             DA12 4SF

Whitehill Lane Gravesend Express       DA12 5LS

Valley Dv Gravesend Express               DA12 5RT

Meopham Express                                DA13 0JL

No one child learns in the same way. Our aim is to use angling as a springboard for pupils to understand the basics of education in an exciting and individual way, whilst offering a healthy outdoor hobby that can last a lifetime.

Our practical fishing sessions provide an opportunity to put into practice topics and subjects learnt in the classroom whilst exploring the exciting possibilities offered by angling. We offer a unique insight into the aquatic environment and creatures that inhabit the areas we fish.

With your help, we can provide that extra support for students across the country.

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