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Calling all fishing coaches - our initiative needs you!

Are you a Level 2 accredited angling coach?

Are you passionate about fishing as well as working with and coaching youngsters?

We are looking to expand our coaching network. We are interested to hear from coaches from all aspects of angling and all geographical areas.

We are particularly interested in building our coach network in the southeast, the Midlands, Wales and the north west. However, if you fall outside of these geographic areas, please do get in touch!

Key responsibilities:

  • Delivery of Fishing for Schools courses to a variety of schools and settings

  • Attend preliminary visits with schools to work out a set of educational outcomes, based on a set of criteria that meets the schools needs and work within a given and agreed timetable

  • Agree deliverable aims and objectives in keeping with the students age and perceived ability

  • Follow up with schools and settings to complete evaluations and feedback from school staff and children/young people and submit in a timely manner to head office

Person Specification:

  • Must hold a current Angling Trust Level 2 coaching accreditation

  • A confident, warm and welcoming manner with natural authority

  • Alert and adaptable

  • Passionate about fishing and the countryside as well as environmental issues

  • Skilled at helping children of all backgrounds and abilities to succeed and able to manage difficult situations with challenging young people

Applications close on Friday 15th September 2023. To apply for this position please contact us with your details at fishing@ca‐

To discover more about becoming a Fishing for Schools, check out our Coach Q&A’s on our website:

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