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Behind the Scenes

Embracing our busiest time of year with, not just one initiative, but two ground breaking initiatives, and then to balance the entirety takes deft skill….much of which I simply don’t possess.

That is why robust and vibrant teams are so important…actually, vital.

Throughout the duration of Fishing for Schools, its strength has been in the wholesale commitment of personnel – from its coaches, through to administrators; and to a person, all have believed in what we and they were doing for young people.

Through this complete belief we have been able to inspire, you, the generous supporters of what we do and want to continue, improve upon and grow. As I have suggested previously, You are also a very vital component to our growing family.

There is though, one person whom stoically refuses to be highlighted, applauded and recognised in any way…. Our Catrin – Catrin Robinson.

If anyone embodies Fishing for Schools, it is our Catrin …the dynamo that brings sparks light to our little organisation. We are just so very fortunate have her; be it the skills of funding, administration and just about everything else we do, falls into her super competent domain and selflessly, she cares, delivers and is, just is as much a part of Fishing for schools – and Castaway – as anyone of us: more so, in many ways.

Catrin refuses to take the plaudits that are most certainly due her. But for once I am going override her protest for anonymity and to very publicly thank the engine room of Fishing for schools – and salute Catrin’s monumental contribution to our sustained growth – both in the past and into the future.

All of us, we like to think are vital to F4, but some are just a little bit more vital than others.

Catrin, thank you.

Catrin (our inhouse wonder woman) and Lottie (co founder of Castaway)

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