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Banks Partners competition postponed

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

I am sure that you are all aware of the National Lockdown restrictions that have been put in place by Her Majesty’s Government.

Whilst we celebrate the fact that we can still fish – thanks to the work by the Angling Trust and the Countryside Alliance – there is a specific ruling to cease all competitive style meetings. Therefore, very reluctantly and sadly, we have been forced to postpone our inaugural Banks Partners competition which was due to take place at Brick farm Lakes (East Sussex) on Saturday 14th of November.

We were so looking forward to meeting old and new friends at this prestigious venue on what would have been a wonderful way to celebrate the Fishing for Schools initiative – and win a few prizes! Sadly, not this time.

But, I must reiterate, this is a postponement NOT a cancellation. Everything is in place to swiftly activate the event and Bank Master events at the other venues, just as soon as it becomes possible to do so.

We so look forward to meeting you in the future.

Charles Jardine

Fishing for Schools Founder and Director


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