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Annual Kent Art Competition

One of the greatest pleasures – and an annual one – is to receive notification from Warren White – our Kent lead coach – that the art competition entries have been submitted.

Winning entry

For me, personally, it is a real thrill and a glorious celebration of what we do at Fishing for Schools. Having had art as constant thread through my life, to have young people still want to put brush, pencil, crayon and just about anything else on to a surface is a validation of everything we try to encompass in our programme. We don’t just fish! We don’t just take people fishing.

Also, it is visual proof that young people still want; and are hungry to be “creative”. Just as much and an vibrantly as ever they were.

Judging it, now, that really has been a tough one. This year particularly; the standard and width of the images, have been magnificent.

I just hope I have “called it” correctly.

Joint second place

Joint second place

There is an amazing image of the head of a carp. I overlooked it; I so wish I hadn’t. Such talent but that is the constant thread: talent. Also, a love of creativity, of angling and of making images.

The best bit is that we get to do it all over again next year.

But I think that these images are worthy of a wider audience, don’t you?

I feel a Fishing for Schools exhibition coming on.

Charles Jardine


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