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Angling for Excellence with Aylsham High School

We are delighted to share some fantastic images from our sessions with Aylsham High School this academic year. Sixteen dedicated students have successfully earned their silver and gold awards, showcasing their commitment and enthusiasm.

Fishing for Schools coach duo, Pippa and Richard, expertly delivered a blend of online and classroom sessions, culminating in an unforgettable fishing experience at Lenwade.  Thank you to Sally Acloque for providing the beautiful venue and invaluable help during the bankside sessions and to Jamie Benfield for his assistance.

Aylsham High School were successful in being awarded grant funding, from the Get Fishing Fund (in conjunction with the Angling Trust and The Environment Agency), where money generated from the sale of Environment Agency Rod Licences is awarded to good causes.  This has enabled the acquisition of fishing tackle for the school, which will be retained by them for additional curricular use, and helps to facilitate courses like this.

Reflecting on the impact, Aylsham’s Deputy Head of Nurture shared:

"Thank you so much, we have learned loads and the last two days have been utterly amazing. Everybody is fully engaged, it has been fantastic. The whole thing has been seamless, that takes some planning with all of the exhibits and things that you have brought in to show us."


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