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A unique opportunity to grab a slice of rock history and support Fishing for Schools

Fishing for Schools Director, Charles Jardine, writes: From the stuttering anthem for youth in the sixties, My Generation, the cheeky lyrics of Pictures of Lilly, and hit after hit leading to the towering – and rebellious - Won’t Get Fooled Again – and way beyond. The English rock band The Who, have been the soundtrack of many of our lives.

Their charismatic and energetic front man and vocalist Roger Daltry has been at the very heart of this global music phenomena. Now, many decades later, they are touring again and Roger, being a huge supporter of both youth charities and angling in general, has kindly signed my training shirt for my various Marathon attempts in recent times.

This is a very rare opportunity to grab his autograph on my shirt and in turn, to aid the Casting Marathon fundraiser for Fishing for Schools at Syon Park on the 21st of June.

Oh! And I have added a drawing to the other side and a signature just to lower the tone…

A unique, dare I say it, opportunity to grab a slice of rock history and support Fishing for Schools.

We will be accepting bids by email until 4pm Wednesday 14th June 2023. Please email your highest bid, full name and telephone number to, and we will contact the winning bidder thereafter.

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