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A tale of virtual learning and a fishing extravaganza at Aylsham High School

Aylsham High School was one of the first schools to pilot virtual Fishing for Schools lessons during the coronavirus pandemic. Skilfully delivered by Fishing for Schools coaches Richard and Phillipa Winser, such was the success the school opted for a mix of virtual and face to face sessions during 2022.

September saw the last of four remote tutorials for a total of 20 Aylsham students, followed by two days of face-to-face sessions at the school, culminating with a day at the bankside at Lenwade Pike Club. The group were split into two, with each experiencing a day’s fishing on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st September.

We are reliably informed by Richard that over two hundred fish were caught on Wednesday, with two participants catching over 40 each. A rather impressive Fishing for Schools record, surely!

Thank you to Richard Winser, Phillipa Winser and Sally Acloque for their brilliant delivery. A special thanks also to David Litchfield (a regular angler from Lenwade Pike Club who was able to impart local knowledge and expertise).

Congratulations to all participants who achieved a Gold Foundation Award (CAST Level 2) and thank you to the team at Aylsham High School and all those supporting ‘The Eagles’ Nurture Group.

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