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We’ve included a few local fisheries below; similar fisheries can be found nationally. Most game fishing lakes can also provide lessons, it’s worth giving them a call before to check:


Sportfish, Reading (lakes and shop)


Syon Park, Brentford (lakes)


Meon Springs, Hampshire (lakes)


For information and activities supporting river health and conservation you could look at local organisation ‘action for the River Kennet’


For information on trout and salmon fishing:


Local produce


We are passionate about local and seasonal produce. You can find information on some of award winning local businesses via the link below:


You can also find a video by one of the award winners, on how to make trout Gravlax here:


Local businesses who supported Our September 2021 event at Theale include:







Cancer support


There are a range of cancer support services locally, we’ve listed a few below: 


Newbury Cancer Care:


Reading Prostate Cancer Support Group:


Reading Bladder Cancer Support Group:


Macmillan provide a wide range of support, available nationally and online



For any other questions or for further information please do get in touch with us at

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