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Apply to take part in Fishing for Schools in 2023-2024

Applications for 2023-24 school year are now open!

The online form to apply for a school  place will be available from Monday 18 September until Friday 10 November 2023. 

Successful schools will be notified in December 2023. 
If you have any difficulties completing the form below, please contact

Section 1:

School details

Main contact at school

Section 2:

Please answer the questions as fully as possible to enable us to make informed decisions on your application.

Please detail four key outcomes you are hoping to see as a result of participating in Fishing for Schools (for example: educational outcomes, transferable skills)

Section 3:

Declaration/Terms and Conditions

  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you confirm your agreement to all conditions detailed in your application form and any other conditions subsequently agreed with The Countryside Alliance Foundation (TCAF) in correspondence relating to this application.

  • Should you be awarded a place, you agree to complete a monitoring and evaluation form.  This must be returned to TCAF by the date agreed at the time of the award, or in subsequent discussions with TCAF.

  • Fishing for Schools is a free provision but schools are required to make their own transport arrangements to and from fishing venues, and at their cost. 

  • Where pupil numbers falls 75%  below the number outlined in your application, or agreed with the lead coach, Fishing for Schools reserves the right to cancel the session or request school cover the cost of the session. 

  • You will provide photographs of the programme in progress for Fishing for Schools/TCAF use.  You ensure all permissions for usage of photos will have been secured prior to sending, including parent/carer permission obtained where the picture includes children.

  • TCAF will be notified of any promotional/media coverage of the programme arranged by the school.

  • This declaration covers your application form and any other conditions or amendments agreed in subsequent discussion and correspondence with TCAF.


By entering your name in the box below you confirm the following:

  • You have read and agree on behalf of your school named in section 1 to TCAF’s conditions set out above.

  • You confirm that the information in this application is correct to the best of your knowledge.

  • You are duly authorised on behalf of the school named in section 1, to submit this application and accept any potential grants as a result.

The Countryside Alliance Foundation collects the information you have provided above for the purposes of its grant making.  We would also like to keep applicants informed of the Fishing for Schools programme. 

Please tick the boxes below if you would be happy to receive the following correspondence from TCAF:
Fishing for Schools would like your consent to send you our monthly email newsletter, could we please send you this?

You can withdraw the consent you are giving on this form at any time, either by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of our newsletters, or by emailing, writing or telephoning us.  Our address is China Works, Black Prince Road, London SE1 7SJ. Inform us by email at or by telephone on 020 7840 9212.

Thank you for submitting your application.​ You will receive an email to confirm receipt of your application. Please check spam/junk folder and contact if you do not receive the confirmation.

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